For hundreds of years men have been playing golf and doing business. The Dutch and Scottish even played the sport when trade routes were stalled due to inclement weather. There isn’t any proof but I bet that is when business golf originated!

So where have the women been all of these years?

To be honest, most of them have been in the spa, at the office, and working too hard to get ahead in their careers to be out on the golf course.

High-heel Golfer wants to change the current trend and to do that I need a little help. We need to get the word out about all of the benefits of playing golf for business.

Most people think golf is just for the guys and that business deals are only done there because its the good ol’ boys club. Well I am here to tell you that they are wrong. Click the Read More Button Below for the rest of the story!

Business deals are done on the golf course because it is the best place to build quality relationships. In my opinion there is no better place to get to know someone; to really see who a person is and if they can be trusted with your business.

For example, if you find your playing partner routinely puts down a 5 when he or she really gets a 6, you might want to rethink doing business with them. Its one thing to pick up after a double par to speed up play, but its another thing to cheat because you can’t bear recording a high score. If someone is willing to cheat in golf what else do you think are they willing to do to make sure they are successful in business?

This knowledge shouldn’t be just for the guys and that is where High-heel Golfer and Connected Women of Influence come in. We have teamed together to help women learn how to play golf for business.