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Clinics for a Cause Charity Program

Sydney Furbush
Director Supplier Diversity

The unique thing about the High Heel Golfer program, is that it allows me to associate the charitable organizations we support at SDG&E around a common theme for women. To learn, to grow, to network, and to connect in something that’s fun, in something that allows them to get out of their comfort zone. So it’s just one of those really unique opportunities to get women moving in a whole different direction. On top of that, we raised 9,000+ for the American Lung Association with very little effort on our end.

Team Building Program

Michelle Ma

We are always looking for unique ways to connect and build stronger bonds within our organization. Jenn’s Golf Happy Hour was amazing! We were able to see another side of the board members and connect by overcoming the fears we all have associated with the game of golf. I definitely feel more confident with golf and in general after spending a few hours with Jenn and the instructors at Rancho Bernardo Inn.

Referral Marketing Program

Parisima Roshanzamir
Attorney at Law
Lawyers Club Member

We hosted a 3 part series to prepare our members for our annual golf tournament in June. I thought I was just going to get better at golf, but it was so much more than that. The Golf Happy Hour helped me feel more connected to the other attendees and more confident with going out on the course with clients and colleagues! This was by far one of the better events we hosted through the Lawyers Club this year!

Client Marketing Program

Bryal Wirth
Design & Development Planner
Heaviland Landscape Management

Jenn with High Heel Golfer is a wonderful teacher, mentor and business woman. She brings her confidence that she has gained through golf to the world of woman striving to do business on the ‘Forbidden’ golf course. Not only are her workshops extremely informational and helpful, but very fun! With her humbling past stories and encouraging words of wisdom, you leave her happy hours with a new found confidence, a new networking circle filled with ambitious women and usually an awesome wine glass! After my very first happy hour, I signed up for a GOLF TOURNAMENT. If I can do it, you can do it! I recommend her to all woman looking to further market themselves and their companies.