About Us

High Heel Golfer is the Leader in Teaching Women How to Use Golf to Enhance Their Business Skills

The High Heel Golfer Mission

High-heel Golfer strives to connect and inspire women to achieve their personal and professional goals. In addition, its programs focus on personal development, advancement and mentoring. Through High-heel Golfer Clinics, Happy Hours and Plug & Play Events, the company focuses on the following:

    • Providing Access to an environment where business deals are done
    • Taking women out of their comfort zones for Personal Enrichment
    • Teaching confidence that it isn’t focused on how well you play: it is about your behavior on and around the golf course
    • Insight on how to read others
    • Practical advice on how to stand out from the crowd
    • And most important…to have fun!

At High-heel Golfer we believe that playing golf makes a difference in the business world and any woman aiming for a senior management position can’t afford not to play. If you are one of millions of professional women who are struggling to find their in with the top executives I urge you to kick off your heels and join us.

Jenn Harris’ Story

As an employee in 2009, Jenn Harris was just getting started in her career when she learned there was a golf tournament with clients scheduled. She eagerly signed up — only to be told by her supervisor that she could not attend. He didn’t think she had the ability to talk with the admirals. What he didn’t understand is that golf is a place that levels the playing field for everyone, no matter what your age, specialty or gender is. A few weeks later, a client invited her personally to join him on the links.

From that moment on, her career changed. The client requested her on big projects. And within nine months, she was promoted, and 2 years later she couldn’t get fired even during a downsizing. Golf, she realized, wasn’t just a game. It was the way business got done. Jenn founded High Heel Golfer in 2012 and has since mentored over 212 women across corporate America.

Why Jenn is the Perfect Workshop Leader

Jenn has the following qualities that make her the ideal workshop leader to combine business and golf:

  • She teaches ethics and integrity on the course and how they relate in the business world
  • With a combination of self deprecating humor and good golf guidance, Jenn gets women to feel comfortable and confident on the course.
  • She is upbeat, positive and darned fun!
  • She can identify with women because she is a woman!
  • Her strength as a golfer coupled with a psychology degree gives her the exceptional ability to read people on the golf course.
  • She has played golf with 2,221 people over the last 23 years demonstrating how she navigates working with people from different cultures, different parts of the world and of different ages.
  • She is young, athletic and can connect with every generation and level in business.

Our Core Values

1. Win, Win, Win

At High Heel Golfer, we are big believers in everyone winning. When we host a golf happy hour, everyone wins from the golf course to the clients and to their clients. We believe in over promising and over delivering. We don’t just teach golf, at our events we increase confidence, bridge gender and age gaps, foster better relationships all while sipping on vino and having fun!

2. Have Fun!

We believe in having fun! There isn’t a day that you won’t see us smiling if its while laughing from Jenn’s jokes or the flowing wine and sunshine, High Heel Golfer clients, partners and team members are always having Fun!

3. Give Back

We believe we are giving each day to our clients, but sometimes that isn’t enough. We want to give back to the community and help women at all stages of their lives. High Heel Golfer employees have raised over $30,000 in the last 3 years through fundraising efforts on and off the golf course!

4. Show Up

Life can be scary, but nothing is worse than the fear of missing out! We believe that you should show up no matter what. We always keep our word and will be there if we say we will be there.

5. Take Chances

At High Heel Golfer we believe in taking chances and risking it all because when we are outside of our comfort zones there is only one thing that will happen, we will grow! So tee up the ball, take a deep breath and swing away, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our Team
Jenn Harris, Founder & CEO
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