The Best Hairstyles for Golf

There are many things that golfers have to think about before stepping onto the golf course, such as the proper attire, using a pull cart versus a golf cart, and of course, the equipment. But women have one more concern, which is their hair. While women with short hair such as pixie cut are lucky enough to simply wear a visor or cap, or simply throw on some sunglasses, ladies with longer tresses have it a little more difficult.

Like with any other sport, your locks can be really distracting if you don’t have the right hairstyle. Though you may not be running around as much as tennis players or volleyball enthusiasts, you don’t want to leave your hair undone since it can smack you in the face while you are swinging your club, or poke you in the eyes if it’s windy.

Many athletes have shared their favorite hairstyles while on the move. Some look rather intimidating to execute, like the intricately woven braids from The Right Hairstyles, so if you’re not an expert on braiding, or not particularly interested in spending more than five minutes on your hair, you still have lots of options.

What is great about these no-fuss hairdos is that they still look chic and require no heat to style. Curling irons may offer bounce to the finest of textures, as shown in a hair tutorial from The Scene, but all that volume will only get in the way of perfecting your swing.

Try out these styles before heading to the golf course:

The Sock Bun

What works for a night out or an office look is also perfect for the fairway. Fellow lady golfer and blogger Seema Sadekar says that she loves wearing the sock bun when she plays. If the bun is high enough, your visor can wrap around it. You can also dress it up with a ribbon or flower, if you’re feeling feminine.

Half-Up Half-Down

The half-up half-down look is easy, with the half ponytail conveniently located to fit through the back of a snapback cap. If you’re wearing a visor, you can place your half ponytail higher on your head. But if the day doesn’t require a golf cap, check out this bubble style that adds a fancy element to the regular do.

The Ponytail Braid

Before you freak out that you don’t know how to do anything fancier than the classic three-strand braid, this hairstyle looks good with both simple and complex braids. PopSugar indicates that this hairstyle works better than a plain ponytail. But if you’re afraid of your braid whipping your face, you can always pin the braid into a bun.