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If you are reading this then you must have made the decision to enter the often archaic world of golf to boost your business and build better relationships in every aspect of your life!

I’m not going to lie. Learning to play the game well can be time-consuming, but learning the etiquette, the rules and jargon will be a little easier with help. I’ve developed a 7 Step Process to help you make more green on the greens. If you follow the 7 Steps below you should be having fun and building better relationships on the course in no time.

And remember, if you ever need any help at all with these 7 steps, please don’t hesitate to reach out – Click Here to Tweet at me!

Step 1 Decide to Play Golf & Find the Time

We all lead busy lives, so we need to make the time for golf. If you are a business woman, here a few ways to make the time for golf:

  • Practice with clients
  • Swap out one networking event a month for golf

If you have kids:

  • Start a golf tradition so when your kids are in their teens they will spend quality time with you versus on their phones.

When you’re ready, figure out What Equipment to Buy.

And check out The Ultimate Guide on everything you have ever wanted to know about Golf. 

Step 2 Take a Lesson

To develop a proper swing right away, you need to learn the fundamentals from a golf instructor.

Group lessons are ideal when you are starting out, because you get to make friends and there is less pressure, and private lessons are better for when you want to get more distance, start shaping the ball and have more time to work on your game.

Group Lessons:

Get Golf Ready – GGR is an amazing program the PGA of America created to make golf lessons affordable for beginners. There are hundreds of programs across the United States so go to this link to sign up!

The Flex Program at Riverwalk is only $79 a month for 4 group lessons. View the program here.

If you live in San Diego, JC Resorts also has an Intro 2 Golf Program. It is very similar to Get Golf Ready and you can find more info here!

Private Lessons:

When you are ready for private lessons, don’t settle with the first instructor and don’t be afraid to shop around. I like to look at golf lessons like finding a therapist. You want to find someone that makes you feel comfortable and who you see improvement with.

Heather King

Coronado Golf Course

(619) 435 3123

Jesus Macarty

Bonita Golf Course

(619) 250 3598

Jeff Maier

Morgan Run Golf Course

(858) 756 2471

Travis Ordonez

Riverwalk Golf Course

[email protected]

Bryon Penfield

Rancho Bernardo Inn

(858) 574 5356

Step 3 Practice

A bucket of Balls at most driving Ranges are:

  • Small – $6
  • Large – $9
  • Extra Large – $12

I recommend grabbing the middle size bucket.

Start with your low irons first to warm up, then work your way up to your driver. No reason to pull out your back with a big swing right off the bat!

Follow this link to find a practice facility near you

CLICK HERE – for practice drills you can do at home and at the range – COMING SOON

Step 4 Learn the Etiquette

Etiquette is in my opinion the most important part of golfing for business. Obviously it’s more fun to whack the ball as far as the pros, but for many your charm and respect for the game will go a long way in business and in your relationships.

What To Wear

Picking out what to wear is super easy! Here are a few quick tips:

  • Never wear BLUE JEANS.
  • Black Jeans or Colored Jeans are ok.
  • Tops should have a collar if they don’t have sleeves, but don’t have to if you have sleeves.
  • Skirts and Skorts — The acceptable skirt length for most golf courses is that it passes your fingertips when standing up straight.
  • If you don’t have golf shoes, just wear tennis shoes.
  • Follow the 3 C’s — Be Conservative, Covered, and Comfortable!
  • Bring a light jacket, because it gets cold when the sun goes down.

If you are still unsure of what to wear, check out my “What to Wear Guide” CLICK HERE to go to the guide.

Check out my Golf Etiquette Guide

Here is my 35-page Newbies Guide to Golf workbook with the most important information about golf etiquette and building relationships on the course – SIGN UP FOR THE GUIDE

Step 5 Get Out On The Course

There are 3 different types of golf courses:

Par 3 Courses: A short course comprised solely of par-3 holes that can be as short as 60 yards in length and as long as 150 yards in length. Executive Courses: A shorter or compact version of the regulation length golf course that includes a variety of par three and par four holes; a 9-hole course is 2,600 yards in length or less and a par 32 or less, and an 18-hole course is 5,200 yards in length or less and par 65 or less. Regulation Length Golf Courses or Championship Courses: A traditional length golf course that includes a variety of par three, par four and par five holes; a 9-hole course must be at least 2,600 yards in length and at least par 33, and an 18-hole course must be at least 5,200 yards in length and at least par 66. The best courses to start playing on are called executive courses. Most cities will have a few, but we are especially lucky in San Diego because we have several executive golf courses throughout the city. But for now here is a shorter list to get you started:

  • Mission Bay, San Diego, CA
  • Oaks North, Rancho Bernardo, CA
  • Balboa 9, San Diego, CA
  • Lomas Santa Fe Executive, Solana Beach, CA
  • Colina Park, San Diego CA

If you are not in San Diego, please click here to find an executive course near you.

Step 6 Play with other Newbies

Once you feel comfortable playing with other ladies or new golfers, you will want to join a league. This could be tomorrow or 6 months from now, but it’s good to know what groups are out there so you can work on your game while having FUN!

Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA)
The largest women’s golf association in the US and has the reputation for being focused on getting better at the game. If you want to join, here is a coupon code for a small discount! – 2015-HIHEEL

Women on Course
WOC is a little bit newer of an organization but has a reputation for being a little less serious and more relaxed while you are learning the game.

Step 7 Play with a Patient Golfer

The key to feeling comfortable on the course is playing with the right people. If someone is too serious and can’t stand new golfers, your round will most likely be miserable. When picking a playing partner, first tell them that you are a new golfer who plays fast and if they have a lot of patience and are a decent to better golfer you should have a blast!

Also take a look at the Patience vs. Skill Matrix and find A & B Golfers!

Step 8 Tweet @Highheelgolfer if you have questions

Golf can be a confusing and at times frustrating game. If you have any questions about what to wear, what clubs to buy, where to play, please don’t hesitate to tweet at me! I’m here to help and want to see you succeed a little more in business and in life through the game of golf!

Best – Jenn

*If you don’t have a twitter account, you can Email me – [email protected] or call me 619-206-1343