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Increase Employee Engagement

With companies losing over 3 billion dollars a year to turnover, it makes sense to want to engage your current employees to increase productivity and save time. Our Golf Happy Hour Team Building Event increases comfortability, camaraderie and confidence that will keep your employees engaged both on the course and in the office.

Build Stronger Relationships

We all do business with the people we know, like, and trust so it’s safe to say that businesses would like stronger relationships with clients and prospects. Our Golf Happy Hours create an environment for relationships to blossom. Clients reported a 30% increase in the quality of their relationships after 1 golf happy hour!

Bridge the Gap with Employees

It is becoming even more difficult to bridge the gap between millennials and upper management. Some say it’s due to social media, technology and a different mindset between the generations. Our golf happy hour bridges that gap, by leveling the playing field and creating an environment where everyone feels vulnerable.

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Host a Clinic for a Cause

Our Golf Events Have Raised Thousands! Find Out How Your Company Can Get Involved and Raise Money for the Charity of Your Choice.
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Jenn Harris
of High Heel Golfer

As an employee in 2009, Jenn Harris was just getting started in her career when she learned there was a golf tournament with clients scheduled. She eagerly signed up — only to be told by her supervisor that she could not attend. He didn’t think she had the ability to talk with the admirals. What he didn’t understand is that golf is a place that levels the playing field for everyone, no matter what your age, specialty or gender is. A few weeks later, a client invited her personally to join him on the links. From that moment on, her career changed. The client requested her on big projects. And within nine months, she was promoted, and 2 years later she couldn’t get fired even during a downsizing. Golf, she realized, wasn’t just a game. It was the way business got done. Jenn founded High Heel Golfer in 2012 and has since mentored over 212 women across corporate America.