How hard is it to actually find cheap ladies golf clothing?

I went to the Golf mega store today and was impressed by the amount of women’s golf clothing but was quickly disappointed by the cost, inconsistency in sizes and lack of golf fashion knowledge by the staff.

I will admit I am a bit frugal and paying $85 for a golf skirt is a bit much. Why is it that all women’s golf clothing is made by expensive designers? Could there be a way to make golf clothing simple and cheap? If only there was an American Apparel for Golf clothing, we’d just have to throw in a little argyle and we would be set.

So what am I getting at with this post? I guess I’m partly venting about the frustrating experience I had today but I’m also trying to solve a big problem for all you ladies out there – which is where to find less expensive golf clothing.

I’ve been doing a little research and decided that you don’t have to buy golf clothing from golf stores. Golf clothes are all around us at Macys, New York & Company, Ann Taylor Loft and many more. The three stores I mentioned however are where I primarily buy my golf gear and I’ve actually put together a few outfits for you with the original cost of the item and the price I got it for.

Some of the Prices may seem a little bit steep for a whole outfit, but all of the items I’m wearing today can be used in my everyday wear as well as my active wear. I can wear the Nike Dry Fit top when running or just to keep warm during the winter. The Charter Club Anorak can be worn with jeans and a long sleeve top with pumas or new balances for a preppy fall/ spring rainy day. I am partial to the Ann Taylor Loft pants because a girl like me with a butt needs pants with pockets. This tends to take the focus off the thighs and onto the waist. I can also wear these pants to work and to interviews.

So here you have it – a golf outfit from non golf clothing companies. And not too expensive either considering how much wear I can get out of each individual piece! Stay tuned for the breakdown of more of my golf outfits!