What is so important about Golf Gloves?


Maybe for some, but for the rest of us, it is to protect our hands and give us a secure grip.

When playing golf we want to have a soft grip, as if we are holding a baby bird in our hands. Gloves give us the security to know that the club won’t slip out of our hands.

How To Choose A Golf Glove

First you need to determine which clubs you use; whether you are left handed or right handed. Then its pretty simple, you just pick out a glove for your non-dominant hand. For example, since I am a right handed player, I wear my golf glove on my left hand!

Then you should make sure the glove is snug. Not too snug that you feel like your circulation is being cut off but snug enough that you don’t have any left over space in your fingertips.

Where to buy a Golf Glove

One of my favorite things about golf is that you can always buy what you need at the pro shop. The only downside is that prices are usually a little more expensive at the course.

You can also buy gloves online or at sporting goods stores. Here are a few of my favorite golf glove sites:

AsherGloves.com & Gloveit.com

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are better than the synthetic leather and are worth the extra $5 per glove! But most fun colors are made in synthetic, so I usually have a couple of each! You can also never have too many gloves, I must have 6 gloves in my bag right now. It’s kind of like having too many shoes, which isn’t possible for a woman!

Now that you know how and why to get a glove, let’s get you out on the course!