I recently came across an article in the LA Times titled, “Some female executives don’t feel at ease with business golf outings.” It is beautifully written but doesn’t tackle the real issue – why women are continuing to stunt their careers because men ask stupid questions.

Should we stop building better business relationships with clients on the golf course because men might assume we are retired or are ducking out of work early and thus aren’t working as hard?

I don’t think so. I believe we should kick off our heels and tee it up for more business. We should stop letting ourselves get in the way because we think we are unwelcome. And we should stop blaming others for our lack of action.

I know it is scary to start a new sport and walk into a game dominated by men with so many vulnerabilities. Lets face it, when learning to golf it is totally common to completely miss the ball as you swing, chunk up dirt, or accidentally throw your club out after the ball. Even I have been caught doing the last two and I’m a 10 handicap. Oh, and I have even witnessed a man get so frustrated trying to get out of the sand trap that he threw it out with his bare hands and finished the hole from where it settled. The game is difficult for everyone; it is what it reveals about us that has value. It is why men have been doing “deals” on the golf course for centuries.

People will also always ask stupid questions. Take for instance the fact that 75% of the time, when I tell people what I do (CEO of High Heel Golfer), I am asked if I play golf. To me it seems absurd, but there are very few women in the golf industry and a large percentage of those women don’t play the game.

If women truly want to advance in their careers they need to look at what it takes in their industry to get to the top. If the CEO of their company plays golf regularly it is just as silly to not play golf as it is to not learn QuickBooks if you are studying to be a bookkeeper. We need to start looking at golf as a mandatory business skill that will increase productivity, profits, promotions and likability!

It is time for women to start leveling the playing field in business and I believe we shouldn’t just lean in, instead think about teeing it up to win more business.

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