We all know that what you wear is important and it is the first impression you give to someone. That being said I want to teach you how to get the respect you deserve on the golf course while still exhibiting your own style.
Getting The Respect You Want & Deserve
To get the respect you want and deserve on the golf course you need to dress well and appropriately. What you wear on the golf course is your first impression with the golf course and your playing partners; I want you to make it a great one. The typical dress code for a private course is:
On Top:
Blouses with sleeves or sleeveless blouses with collars. No T-shirts, halters and tank tops.
On Bottom:
Slacks, capris, crops or shorts are advised. Shorter pants should be knee length or longer. Shorts (a combination of a skirt and shorts) and golf dresses are also popular choices. Jeans, sun dresses, sweats or athletic pants are all considered improper.
Golf shoes or tennis shoes are required on almost all golf courses
It is always wise to call ahead and see if your planned outfit will be appropriate for the course. That being said I will advise you that tennis skirts are usually too short and any shorts that are shorter than arms length to fingertips will be too short as well. Also make sure that you watch out for showing too much cleavage. Golf courses will frown down on this. If you still want to wear a tennis skirt just be advised that you may be asked to buy a new skirt in the pro shop.
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