There have been countless studies in Psychology on the correlation between what clothes you wear and how people perceive you. The outcomes of these studies proved that if you dress outside of the norm at an event people will judge you more than the others who followed suit clothing wise at the event. It’s kind of like the ugly duckling – although the ugly duckling was a swan and was actually very beautiful, growing up it did not know this because it didn’t look like its brothers and sisters. Same thing goes at a Golf Tournament.

In the past decade, spectators have started to dress more casually, but if you have any sort of hospitality or clubhouse ticket I would urge you to dress on the more conservative side of my spectrum below.

The most casual you should dress comprises of khaki shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops or tennis shoes.

If you would like to make it a little more conservative, throw on a golf shirt and some golf shoes, and the most conservative look you can go for would be  either a trendy golf ensemble or a sundress and cute flats. I urge you not to wear heels of any kind. At chambers bay you can walk up to 7 miles and climb over 44 flights of stairs with elevation changes if you follow a group, not to mention your heels might get stuck in the grass.

So the moral to this story is  to wear what you feel comfortable in and what is appropriate for your ticket level. You never know, the outfit you wear could help you land a deal or help you meet your future husband.

And remember to check the weather before going out to ChambersBay Golf Course fathers day weekend, because there is only one tree on the course which means no shade. Wear breathable shoes and bring plenty of sunscreen.