Last week I was at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL schmoozing all of the reps and media to get’s name and vision know amongst the golfing world. I learned a lot about the industry and also made some great connections, but something rang true once again at the show. Being a woman in golf is amazing. We are so few, that we get all of the attention and lots of free stuff.

At the show I entered into the longest drive competition and placed 3rd with a 204 yard drive. Its a pretty decent drive but I wouldn’t have stood a chance in the mens competition. So for placing third I am getting a brand new Ping Golf Bag worth $140.

Winning a new golf bag is pretty amazing, but getting to play free golf has been another perk of being a female golfer. With expensive club fees deterring many single golfers to join clubs, some clubs have offered free greens fees for players of the opposite sex of their members. So if a single guy happens to belong to Army Navy Country Club, he can invite any woman to play with him at no cost to either party. This may not always happen but if its offered there is no reason why anyone should turn a free round with a great person down.

These are only a few examples but being a female golfer is hot right now, so do your self a favor and dust off your clubs and get out there and start golfing.