On the First Hole of Christmas Golf my Playing Partner gave to me a Lesson on the Driving Range!

Practice Makes Perfect!

The biggest mistake people make when getting into golf is assuming that it will be easy.

How many of us have started something new and were instant professionals? Tiger Woods…put your hand down because you don’t count. The rest of us can only hope to be a quarter as good at golf as you are.

Seriously though? Were you all basketball stars at the age of 5 or painting picassos at 11? I didn’t think so.

That being said, we all need to practice to get better at this game. Spend an hour a week at the driving range, or 20 minutes putting into a coffee mug in your office. It will all add up and in time you will see results.

If you aren’t a fan of practicing alone, come out to a HHG Happy Hour or join a golf league!

And your last resort is to just watch Youtube videos of golf lessons. You will learn golf jargon and how to fix your swing at the same time!

Also check below for some of the best driving ranges in San Diego!

Mission Bay Golf Center – Open till 8 PM (Whole course is lit up at night!) Last tee time at 6 PM!

Riverwalk Golf Club – Open till 7 PM

Stadium Golf Center – Open till 10 PM

Sail Ho Golf Course – quick 9 par 3 course

Carlsbad Golf Center – Open till 9 PM

Del Mar Golf Center – Open till 9 PM