The big news at this years PGA Merchandise show was Golf 2.0; this great new initiative to make golf more fun and family friendly. Some of the initiatives included making the game easier by making the golf hole(cup) larger or bringing the tees even farther forward. I’m not totally against any of these ideas, but I want to see if the women out there really are not playing golf because its too challenging.

I think most women either don’t get into the game our quit the game because people are too snooty at clubs, they feel like no men will want to play golf with them, or because it just takes too much time to play the game. Oh and its also really expensive. Its really hard to want to throw down $40 bucks on a dozen golf balls, another $300 on a set of clubs, and who knows how much on an outfit; when they could go buy a sexy little black dress for much less, that will guarantee a good time as well as make them feel great.

I think the real issue at hand is helping women understand all of the benefits that golf can bring them. Not many people know this about me but I quit golf for 2 and a half years when I started college. I refused to pick up a club and wouldn’t even tell people I was a golfer. I wanted nothing to do with it. Boys at my country club never wanted to play with me (probably b/c they were more nervous than I was), the clothes made me feel ugly, and I could never be good enough for my father.

I still have fears each time I step on a golf course, b/c it would be unnatural for me to feel otherwise; but I overcome those fears by thinking about the positives. I think about how gorgeous the weather is (and how bad my golf tan is going to be this year). I also think about how good it feels to be sore after a round or how cool it is to see a red fox or an alligator on the course. I also thank golf for being there so I didn’t get fired at my defense contracting job I had a few years ago (maybe I’ll tell you that story in a future post).

Golf has been tough through the years but has brought me so many positives that all I want is for other women to be able experience what I have. The good and the bad, because both have made me who I am proud to be today.

What do you think?