1. Play Slow – It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, slow play is very irritating. The game of golf already take 4 hours, so who would be excited for it to take upwards of 5 hours? During that last hour you could have already eaten lunch and finished a few drinks on the 19th hole. A few ways to speed up the game are by taking less practice swings, picking up after you have reached double par, and playing ready golf.
  2. Step on Someones line – Stepping on a players putting line is a big “no no” because it can affect the outcome of the putt. One of your spikes can make an indentation in the ground which alters the green which could send your opponents putt off the intended course. So try will all of your might to avoid stepping in someones line.
  3. Talk in the middle of someones back swing – Golf takes a great amount of concentration, and the slightest disturbances can mess up someones game. My advice to you is to try not to be the reason for someones less than perfect round. I know it is fun to talk, but always look around before speaking up on the golf course.
  4. Be too intense – No one likes to play with a person who takes a game way too seriously. Golf is full of bad shots and missed putts, so the earlier you come to the conclusion that you aren’t perfect and you probably will never be half as good as Tiger Woods, the better. Golf should be fun and challenging, so don’t let your desire to be the best get in the way.
  5. Cheat – Golf is one of the only sports where you are the judge. You are the only one who really knows how many strokes you had or if the ball moved in the hazard, so be true to the game and take a penalty even though you could get away with it. Being true to the game and yourself is what makes you a better person and someone others will want to do business with.