Are you hesitant to play a match with your boss or clients, but you still want to see results from all your hard work getting into the game of golf? Then use these 5 talking points and questions to get noticed at the office!

  1. This Week is the Ryder Cup. It’s kind of like the World Cup for Golf, but with only 2 teams, Europe and USA. So… who do you think will win? Europe or USA? (As much as I want to see the US win, Europe has some pretty strong players at the moment – Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Martin Kaymer, and the list goes on.) 
  2. The last Ryder Cup was in 2012 at Medinah CC in Chicago. Tiger Woods 3 putted to lose outright to Europe. (If Tiger had 2 putted, I would have won $100 and it would have been the 3rd tie in Ryder Cup History.) 
  3. How amazing is it that the R&A finally voted to let women become members at their club!  (It only took 260 years, but at least it was a landslide vote with 85% in favor of letting women into the club! I hope the Queen is the first female member, but if she isn’t who do you think will get the first tap on the shoulder?) 
  4. How do you feel about Rory’s comment during the Tour Championship when he said that Tiger and Phil are in the back nine of their career? (Do you think the media took it too far? I mean you can’t stay at the top of your game forever can you?) 
  5. Should Tiger get a new swing coach or just teach himself again? (Many have been debating who Tiger will hire as his swing coach, but many think he should just reteach himself.) 
  6. Why do you think Adam Scott parted ways with his Caddie Stevie Williams? (Steve Williams was Tigers Caddie for years before he made the split and started working with Adam. I wonder why Adam could only handle 3 years with the Caddie. I’m sure you are also asking yourself, why do we care. And the reason is because Adam Scott has a beautiful swing and may be one of the most attractive guys on tour!) 

Talking golf to boost your biz can be difficult at first, but this week just watch a little bit of the Ryder Cup on Sunday, and you will be set for the following week, because it is all anyone in the golf world will be talking about this week and next. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. 

Oh and if you want to see who is playing this week here is a photo with all of the players from Global Golf Post!