We’ve all heard that deals get done on the golf course but did you know that just playing the game can help you become a better entrepreneur or business person?

In the past two years running High Heel Golfer, I have discovered some pretty cool stuff about myself and my business on the course. Instead of just keeping these secrets to myself, I’ve decided to share the top 5 lessons I’ve learned about Entrepreneurship on the golf course.

1. Your Score doesn’t matter.

In today’s society most people define success by the amount of money in your bank account, but I define success by the quality of our relationships and the impact we make in our industry. In golf, many people are always seeking for the perfect score when they should be enjoying nature and getting to know their playing partners. If you focus on the journey instead of the outcome, the bad shots and mistakes you make in business, won’t be as detrimental to your game or your company.

2. One Bad Shot Doesn’t Ruin Your Round. How bouncing back and overcoming adversity are the recipe for success in business and on the golf course.

Many golfers and entrepreneurs are thwarted by their mistakes. And just as in life and in golf, the quicker we bounce back from those mistakes, the better golfer and business owner we will be.
Hank Haney once said that what makes Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson great isn’t sheer skill, it’s how quickly they overcome adversity. Moreover, if we can find a way to breathe through the hard times, we will be on our way to a better score and more successful business.

3. Sometimes you should just take an unplayable to give yourself a better next shot.

In golf, we can sometimes find ourselves in a bush or behind a tree that we may be able to get out of or around, but the likelihood is a million to one. Many players will try it regardless of the consequences and find themselves taking the max on the hole. The smart play is to take an unplayable and a one-stroke penalty so you can have a clear shot to the green. You may not make a birdie, but you still have a shot at par or bogey which is a great outcome in my opinion. In business, we would call this a pivot point or a point where we decide that the Minimum Viable Product, you’ve realized just, isn’t going to work. Maybe you have a small setback, but it isn’t as bad as it could have been if you continued down the path of the product or service that is a dud.

4. Confidence is Key. 90% of golf is between your ears.

Skill only has so much to do with the game. We watch the guys on tour go from winning a major to not even making the cut the next week. We see the same thing in entrepreneurship, if you don’t have the confidence to take risks or the confidence to sell, you will fail. Anyone can read a book or take a course on running a business, but it’s the entrepreneurs who truly believe in their mission and believe that they can be successful that succeed.

5. Showing up is half the battle.

If you aren’t willing to show up and take risks; then you’ve already failed. Many women are afraid to play golf because they think they won’t be good enough and that it will be bad for business. What they don’t know is that just showing up and trying a new skill is what will, in fact, make them successful. As an entrepreneur, we wear many hats and learning new skills is vital to our success. If we looked at golf and said, “Nope I’m not doing that because I’ll look like a fool,” then we miss out on a ton of business and referrals by not showing up. The same thing happens in business, if we don’t go to a networking event, apply for a promotion or ask for a raise, it will be difficult to succeed. The craziest thing is that most men aren’t even that good, but they try, and that is what most women are lacking; the courage to show up and give success a shot.